Moving Beyond Dysfunctional & Failed Environments
-Unburdened & Empowered-

Dr. Jordan Schaul
Advocate, Educator & Consultant

Scapegoat or Black Sheep of the Family?

Narcissistic Confabulations: The ‘Honest Lies’ of the Developmentally Traumatized

Cognitive Distortion: Dichotomous Thinking
The Burden of the Dichotomous Thinker & Disordered Personality

Dangerous Expressions
The Smirk of the Narcissist & the Stare of the Psychopath

World Mental Health Day – Take A Mental Health Test
The Inequality in Care

The Science of Narcissism Beyond Psychopathology
Clinical and Sociological Perspective

Hacking Narcissism with Dr. Nathalie Martinek

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